We love the little things that make houses into homes.

OMYAA is for consumers who seek a connection with things they acquire.

About Design

At Omyaa, we draw inspiration from the age old textiles and techniques of Indian and global craft.

At Omyaa, unique designs are handcrafted by seamlessly blending contemporary designs with rooted traditions.

At Omyaa, possibilities are endless, journeys are memorable and destiny, unkown.

About Us

We love unique things. Things that make a house a home, a lifestyle an experience and personalities, personalized. With this forethought, at Omyaa we are presenting a fresh take on the traditional. A new dimension to the existent. Omyaa is a child born out of the curiosity of exploring the world while keeping our feet firmly rooted.

We honour rich traditions that have a global pulse. That’s how Aditi Gidh, the creative brain behind Omyaa envisions it. Transitioning through her varied experiences of being a Designer in in high end couture wear, home textiles and commercial handbags and accessories for leading Indian brands, she thought of adding her own personal style to her designs.

Our team is a chirpy family of talented individuals, who are champions of their own unique ideas, but in the end we all share the vision of creating a global identity.

In the coming days, months and years, we have a lot of surprises in store for you – Stay tuned and enjoy this beautiful journey with us!

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